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, delt a insulin secret ion vs. t = 0; C right below) in response t o an int racarot id glucose inj ect ion ( 25 m g kg) in TRPC3 WT ( n= 8) and KO ( n= 13) m ice. D. Experim ent al prot ocol ( D left ) , blood glucose ( D right above) or plasm a insulin ( delt a insulin secret ion vs. t = 08) . * : p< 0.05, * * p < 0.01 vs. WT or Vehicle, Two/ way ANOVA + bonfer oni post / hoc t est, Experim ent al prot ocol ( C left ) , blood glucose ( C right t op) and plasm a insulin

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C. Chrétien, C. Fenech, F. Liénard, S. Grall, C. Chevalier et al., , 2017.